St.spinner only on top?

Hey, is there a way of generating st.spinner only on top of everything?

I mean the application im working on, has a lot of functions, and i would love to leave the spinner on the top of the page, instead, all of the images that generate, are dragging the spinner down, so its not the best user experience, is there a way to create a column or something and fill it with a spinner when needed?



Hi there, i don’t know for sure but maybe you could try implement st.spinner with st.beta_columns and go ajusting where you want…

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Yeah, I did try that, did not work as expected tho.

Maybe @andfanilo or @snehankekre could help you with this! :nerd_face: :grin:

Hi @BugzTheBunny :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you share a screenshot/screencast of the actual behavior of the spinner in your app? I’m finding difficult to picture how the spinner is dragged down as images are generated.

Thanks! :balloon:

@BugzTheBunny This is weird because I have the exact opposite issue. I have my spinner in a function defined near the beginning of the script, but the button that calls it is at the bottom of the page. However my spinner message appears at the top. Do you think I could get screenshot to see what yours looks like? I have attatched mine below.