Start screen, loader (st.spinner)

When I run my streamlit project in the browser the start screen is in the middle of the page. It should be at the very top of the page. Is there any method to change this?

Using st.spinner() function the loader icon appears in the upper left corner of the page. I’d like to have it in the middle of the page. I tried change this with html and css but it doesn’t work for me. Is there any method to change this?

Hey @KRSN,

Thanks for sharing your question! Can you please update your post to include a code snippet, link to your GitHub repo, and a screenshot of the “start screen” you’re referencing? That will enable us to help you find a solution faster.

Hi, sorry for bad description of my issue. Here is link to GitHub repo: GitHub - KRSN5/app as well with screenshots of the ‘start screen’ and ‘loader’ (throbber) icon I’d like to change position. Thank you for your effort.

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