Why I'm not getting any output, using Pycharm IDE, Jupyter notebook?

# My first app
Hello  **world!**

What to do??

Hi @chintsapple -

Streamlit is meant to be run as a regular Python script, not as a Jupyter Notebook. If you copy your code into a regular Python script, then run streamlit run myscript.py, then you should see the expected results.


Hi @randyzwitch, Thanks. It works fine in as a Python script. Thanks again.
Btw can we create app using streamlit in our Machine Learning model, so when I input new data it predict and print result in target feature???

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Not sure what you are asking here, but yes it works in the other direction. Meaning, you can call your machine learning model from Streamlit like any other Python code. The model itself wouldn’t embed Streamlit.