Start the app by streamlit commounity cloud get error. Please help me

When I try to start the app from my streamlit commounity cloud, It can not succeed to render the application.
I got this error message from log:

Error: Streamlit requires raw Python (.py) files, but the provided file has no extension.
For more information, please see

I tried to reboot the app but it still got error.
It can start normally in my local environment.
Please help me, thanks :sob:

Hi @Helson, welcome to our community!

The error message you provided indicates that Streamlit Community Cloud expects a raw Python (.py) file to run the app.

Can you please double-check that the main file you’re trying to run with Streamlit has a .py extension? For instance, it should be named or something similar.


Oh! Thank you Charly @Charly_Wargnier ! :laughing:
According to your answer, I found the problem!

The problem is that I have used the “first streamlit” as my python file name, which might cause the scc(Streamlit community cloud) failed to identify my file extension.

So I changed it into “” and reconstructed my github repository and launched it again into my scc.

And the problem solved !

Thank you for your answer which gave me a right direction to solve this problem. I am still not very clear about the essence of this problem, but the main issue should be in my file naming. :laughing:


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Glad it sorted your issue!

Happy Streamlitin’! :balloon:

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