Stock information/quantitative analysis app

Hi guys,

I have built a stock information app included in company info, quantitative analysis, back-testing and downloading reports, please check this out!

Please share your experience and providing a feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you


Your app is very informative but I’m getting few errors, do check out, I think you are using some API and it ran out of credit(maybe).

Thank you for checking my app! but could you please let me know what error did you get? I will take a look.

for example AAPL vs MSFT

Hi Tom,

Thank you for providing me the screenshot, however I have not gotten this error so far.

What date did you select for the start date?

Try it yourself on deployed app :slight_smile:

it generates errors at the bottom

I have fixed the code again, it should work now.

Blank screen for me… tried in incognito browser too.

Have you tried it on Google chrome or edge? if not, can you do so and try it again? I found that the app is not working on Firefox.

No luck in any of Chrome, Brave or Edge unfortunately.

Not sure about it… I have rebooted it. I think it works fine now.

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Thanks. That’s working now. :slight_smile:

Hi Owen, I tried it with $YPF and $VIST, and it’s working fine


Awesome, thank you for letting me know!

Wow. I also want to share my project at kindly guide me about…

It is explained in the documentation.

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Thanks. But english is not my native language and I really need explanation through a video or voice.

What i want is i see different people post their projects through streamlit main page od main page.

There must be some videos in Youtube, but I can`t point you to one right now. Hopefully somebody will chime in with more helpful suggestions.

Meanwhile, I suggest you try the documentation, it includes plenty of pictures and short videos showing every step.

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Thanks for your time and suggestion. Kindly guide me about the keywords to search…

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