Stream Video from OAK-D on /raspberry Pi to Streamlit

Hi Everyone, I have used streamlit earlier and also have gone through the webrtc component released by streamlit to stream webcam data to browser.

There is a computer vision board called as OAK-D, and I wish to stream the data captured over it to Streamlit. Read more about OAK-D -

This is an example that captures data over OAK-D -

So, for my use-case, this device is hosted on Raspberry Pi using Streamlit v0.62.0. What modifications can I make to this script to be able to stream data over to localhost?
Any recommendations/ suggestions are appreciated. @robmarkcole Since you have used Home Assistant with Steamlit on Raspberry Pi, is there anything similar you have done, related to this? Thanks for your help!

If you are happy with low FPS ‘streaming’ my approach uses MQTT: GitHub - robmarkcole/mqtt-camera-streamer: Stream images from a connected camera over MQTT, view using Streamlit, record to file and sqlite

Alternatively you could run a webserver on the OAK-D and use openCV to pull frames from it