Streamlit Advocate at Hugging Face 🤗

Hi Streamlit community!

TL;DR: at HF, we are looking to hire a Streamlit contributor to improve our Spaces hosting and support the development of Streamlit :fire:

At Hugging Face, Spaces provides a simple app hosting solution and is sometimes known as “the simplest way to demo a ML model”

We launched with support for both Gradio and Streamlit (and have recently added support for arbitrary Docker image hosting) BUT quite frankly, our support of Streamlit hasn’t been up to par for a few months :confused:

(we did just ship support for 1.15 though, see

From now on, we would like to support Streamlit on Spaces way better, and also, more generally, we want to support the development of Streamlit and its community.

So we would like to collaborate with a contributor to the Streamlit community. If you have full-time or at least half-time availability to work with us, we would love talking to you.

Please ping us in DM directly here, looking forward to discussing!

[Location: remote worldwide]


This is so cool! Hugging Face seems like an AWESOME place to work.


thanks a ton @Caroline!!

Whoa! :balloon:+ :hugs: seems like the dream opportunity.

Is there a more formal job description for this role by the way? I’m curious if the role is more Engineering/Product/Marketing/Community oriented and what constitutes improve our Spaces hosting. What skill sets are you looking for and what does the ideal candidate look like?


Hey Julien - sounds interesting and I have the bandwidth to come help out such a team!

Hi Julien,
I have bandwidth for the advocate role.
I have also published few apps on streamlit.
Here is my LinkedIn

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This is super exciting Julien!!! Can’t wait to see which amazing things Huggingface + Streamlit can enable together :heart:


Wow this looks super exciting!! :hugs: + :balloon:

Hi @Julien_Chaumond, this sounds super cool.

I have a two streamlit apps that I’m very proud of.

  1. Harry Potter and the ML Experiment: RNN that generates a Harry Potter style story.
  2. Conversation Summarization: summarizes conversation-like text using BART fine-tuned on the SAMsun dataset.

You can learn a bit more about this and other similar experiments of mine at:


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Hi, Julien.

I’m new here and couldn’t find how to DM, so my apologies.

I’m an experienced developer advocate and would be interested in talking with you more about this, to see if it’s a good fit.

Please take a look at my DevRel portfolio as well:

Looking forward to learning more,


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If you click on @Julien_Chaumond 's profile picture on the top left of the original post, you should see a blue “message” box in the pop-up window :slight_smile:


Hi @santiviquez really cool apps!

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Hi Snehan!

Ideally the role would be a mix of:

  • making sure that Spaces infrastructure works well for Streamlit apps, i.e. the we support all latest versions of Streamlit and things ‘just work’ (<= “full-stack” kind of engineering/Product, with the help of the rest of the team)
  • potentially, contribute to the Streamlit codebase itself if we find cool stuff that is interesting to contribute and the Streamlit team likes it!
  • Community Advocacy i.e. showcasing Streamlit to the HF community to help people build great stuff

Engineering is a nice to have, but Community is the most important part of this role.

We don’t yet have a more formal job description, but i’ll follow up here if we create one. In the meantime please ping me:)


will get in touch on Linkedin!

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I don’t, perhaps because my account is too new. I checked on different browsers and OSes as well.

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Sounds fun.


Hi Julien,

Are you still looking to fill this role? If so I am interested. It just so happens…I used Streamlit for my online resume. :slight_smile:

Here is my linkedin address as well.

Hi Julien,

Thanks for sharing that added info. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity! :hugs: :balloon:

Best wishes,

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Hi Julien,
I hope this role is still avalable :hugs:,

I use Streamlit very often to productionize my models as shareable web apps and I’m very interested in being a Streamlit Advocate at Hugging Face.

You can find below a list of some of the Streamlit apps that I built that I use on the daily:

  • NER for plant species and morphological termes in digitized floras: A custom NER model Streamlit app to extract plant species from text as well as morphological terms (descriptor and organs) from morphological descriptions of plant species.
  • Arabic Offensive Text Classifier: An Arabic text classifier Streamlit web app for offensiveness and misogyny
  • PDF to Text Extractor: A PDF text data extraction app that takes a PDF document as input and returns either a txt file that contains all pages or a compressed folder of txt files representing the document pages.
  • Brainstorming Buddy: a Streamlit helper tool built on GPT-3 to help generate ideas and identify points to expand on, giving a specific topic.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

Thank you!

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Hi @Julien_Chaumond ,

Thank you for this update

I would like to apply for this role.
I would recommend you to check out my GitHub where I have loads of open-source work implemented as streamlit webapps and I am sure I can seem like a good fit for this role.

Resume : Prateek_Ralhan.pdf - Google Drive
LinkedIn :
Github : prateekralhan (Prateek Ralhan) · GitHub
Website :