[Streamlit Ag-Grid] Best layouts and Tips

Can you help a noob by showing your beautiful Ag-Grid table?

I am having trouble finding beautiful Ag-Grid examples, so I decided to create this topic :star_struck:

My tips for noobs like me :slight_smile:

What is GridOptionsBuilder and how to use it?

When you create Aggrid component, gridOptions is a Dictionary with the options that you selected, as in the example:

Important: GridOptions is optional, You can still change things manually

Step 1: This will load your column names so you can modify it more easily

builder = GridOptionsBuilder.from_dataframe(dataframe)

Step 2: My dataframe has column named “User Name”, so I can modify how aggrid will display it by using the builder method

builder.configure_column(“User Name”, maxWidth = 150, minWidth = 50, pinned = ‘left’)

Step 3: use the builder.build() to create the dictionary

gridOptions = builder.build()

Step 4: create your AgGrid element using the options

AgGrid(dataframe, gridOptions=gridOptions)


Problem 1: I wanted to separate quarters from years, but I had a lot of trouble working with column headers multiIndex in agGrid.

I had data like this: [(“2015-12-31”, “quarter”)] and [(“2015-12-31”, “year”)].

So I decided to flatten the index so it became “2015-12-31_quarter” “2015-12-31_year”.

Then I created a Column Group by creating a dictionary dates_dict {“quarter”: “2015-12-31_quarter”, “year”: “2015-12-31_year”}.

I then used normal code, not gridOptions to create my dictionary like this.

          for group_name, group_cols in dict_groups_of_columns.items():
                children = []
                sorted_cols = sorted(group_cols)
                for col in sorted_cols:
                    headerName = col.split('_')[0]
                    children.append({'field': col, 'headerName': headerName})
                column_defs.append({'headerName': group_name.title(), 'children': children})

I also set theme to ‘alpine’, and now my aggrid table is looking like this:

What about you? Can you inspire me with a beautiful table?

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