Streamlit Cloud Redirects Too Many Times

I seem to have a bit of an issue embedding my streamlit cloud-hosted site into GitHub pages - I’m trying to use an iframe embed that this thread claims is the way to use a custom domain, but end up getting what seems to be a loop of redirects that cause the page to fail to load:


This issue seems to prevail regardless of the browser I use; I also tried running the html file locally and still encountered the issue. When I started testing the site, it initially worked, but eventually caused this error (I didn’t change anything, the issue seems to have come up after loading the site a few times). I also tried clearing my browser’s cache and cookies, but that didn’t work.

The relevant html embed code:

I initially had a //embed?=true added to the end of the url, but that made my embedded app unresponsive.

Streamlit cloud share link: (works fine, when I open up the developer tools I don’t see the same redirect chain that I do when it’s embedded).

Link to the (attempt at) a site:

GitHub repo for the whole project:

Any thoughts on what I might do? It seems like this has something to do with the way I embed the applet into the iframe, but I’m not sure.

Hi @code49_a,

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That thread you reference is outdated. Take a look at our docs on how to Embed apps. The right query parameter to append to your iframed URL is /?embedded=true. i.e.

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Using /?embed=true instead will hide the scrollbars and hamburger menu in embedded apps.


Worked perfectly! Thank you so much!