Streamlit app : Insightful Data Explorer

Hello Streamlit community,

I’ve just launched a Streamlit app ( Insightful Data Explorer) that serves as a comprehensive solution for data analysis. This app provides tools for analysis, visualization, feature engineering, and AutoML tailored to your data needs.

Click the link below to explore it, and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Link to the app:



I don’t have any data ready to test with. Would be nice if there was some sample data that highlights the features, available for a quick demo.

Hi @shawngiese, thanks for the feedback. I have already provided 10 sample datasets for users who don’t have their own data to explore the app. I hope you are referring to the need for test data to evaluate a trained AutoML model using these sample datasets. Currently, the training and validation results are displayed, and testing with new data is optional. However, I believe adding this feature would be beneficial. I will prioritize its implementation. Thank you for bringing this up!

I really like the visualisation part :slight_smile:

Hi @TomJohn, Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: A new feature has been added to the app: Chat with Data. Please feel free to explore the app, and I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Love the app. By the way arent you spending or paying for the tokens used on the chat ?

@Dini , Thank you! I’m glad you love the app. No, I’m not paying for the tokens used in the chat; I’m using Google Gemini-1.5-Flash-Latest, which is a free version.

Hello @Archana,
In my job i did a dashboard for analaysis, it look like we did the same architecture in the code :slight_smile:
It’s a very nice job, i will spend more time to check everything ! It’s a nice idea you did with google-gemini ! It’s very straightforward, we can’t really go wrong, very easy to use :slight_smile:
(i can’t do the same because of the data leaking :/)

My feedback for now : Change the base colors green/grey (it’s not making your app look great)

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