Streamlit app on Google Cloud Run Cannot upload more than 32 MB file

Was able to create a simple file uploader app, that accepts files and place them in the proper google bucket foler. For this app, a requirement is that it uploads large images/files (>32MB) run locally just fine, but when deploying a streamlit app on Google Cloud Run (managed) with an st.file_uploader("Choose a file(s)", accept_multiple_files=True)

I get an AxiosError 413 with an image over 32MB:

Now I know this is a Google Cloud Run (managed) issue since one of the known limits, and giving it a good search yields workarounds like generating signed urls but since this error is hit before the file is accessible on the streamlit python code side, does anyone know a workaround for this?

Some of the things I could image would be chunking the file request or directly generating a signed url to send to a google bucket, but all of these options would require custom overloading of the file_uploader widget which I feel like this isn’t a good idea.

On the deployment side there are options like deploying on Nginx and using http/2.0 since there are no request limits there, but this deployment is much more complex than what I’m looking for the simplest solution.