Streamlit App won't work on Safari Browser

Hi! I deployed my first Streamlit App and it seems to work fine on Chrome. But as soon as I paste the link on Safari or use my phone a blank page appears?

Here’s the link to my app:

Is it just me? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Weird, I am having the same issue on Brave. My app was working yesterday, and now it is stuck on the “Please wait…” blue container. I tried multiple apps found on twitter and they have the exact same issue.

I disabled all of my ad blockers, including the one present by default in Brave, and yet the issue remains. Launching it from Firefox works correctly.

Here is an example of the error message:

Hey, I asked a few people on different platforms to run the app and it’s been working!
Hope your issue has also been resolved?

Hey, I also asked people who used my app and it is also working now. They had trouble with Safari, now Safari and Brave are working perfectly !

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