Streamlit best suited for our need or not? Help with Deployment etc

Hello All,
I am from PMO (Proj Management Team) hence our group is not very technically advanced except me as i have some technical knowledge but i am not expert in App building etc. Our Team supports multiple teams within our organization and also multiple internal teams who further helps external clients. One of main services our PMO team provided is creating dashboard from excel. Now we have been doing that mainly through Power BI. However we stumbled upon on streamlit . Here are few of my questions below .

  1. I do understand some benefits of streamlit vs Power BI but i am not 100% sure if there is blog/discussion forum link etc which we can refer which can help non technical people to also understand benefits of Streamlit over Power BI. I mean i understand few benefits like real time analysis, simulations kind of dashboard, ability to manipulate data however is there any blog which explain each point with example

  2. We have 100s or even more such dashboard running for various internal stakeholder which can be for different teams example finance, marketing etc .now OfCourse we dont want to one group to be able to see other group dashboard. When researching about streamlit i realized we have LDAP Authenticator (](New Component: Streamlit-Ldap-Authenticator - #15 by kaizen63)) . However is it just authenticator or does it have authorization also ? Sorry if this is stupid question because we have 856 dashboards so we have 856 LDAP group and member of that group only should be able to access that dashbaord. However i dont think we will migrate all dashboards from Power BI to Streamlit just a few depending on answer to my question 1 once we understand the proper use case

  3. How in scenario like our deployment should be let suppose we decide 50 dashboard we will migrate to streamlit. So it would be stupid to have 50 servers and management wont allow either. Should we have 1 server with 50 virtual environment and 50 installations of streamlit in each environment? That means we need to create dashboard pointing to 50 different ports? What other deployment method would be best and eady in our scenario. These dashboards are for strictly internal and internal view only it should be accessible to internet (public). Only my doubt is let suppose we create one DNS entry for our streamlit server with name dashboard 1 β†’ ; dashboard 2 β†’ . If my mistake one groups instead of typing port number 8501 to 8502 and authenticates using LDAP authenticator he should NOT BE able to view dashboard because he doesn’t have authorization as he is from different department that is why i was asking if that LDAP authenticator can do authorization also or not.

  4. What other deployment method we can look into?

Sorry for our team we aint very technical people but i have some python experience (2 out of 10) so want to leverage making engaging dashboards.

I know many of these questions might be for our IT Team but we have thousands of approval chain to get one IT ticket resolved :stuck_out_tongue: So want to check how should we design our architecture and before that want to understand which scenarios are best suited for us to move from Power BI to Streamlit.

Thanks to all you technical people for this tool :slight_smile: