Streamlit blocking middle mouse button/click? (scrolling and e.g. open new tab)

The issue can be reproduced here (not my reported issue but can be used to reproduce):

→ Middle-Mouse-button click into the dataframe → Notice that nothing happens

I am running an app using a dataframe and it seems that the element or streamlit generally(?) is blocking any middle mouse button clicks to it. This is used by some people to “auto scroll” by pointing with the mouse after middle-clicking instead of using the scrollwheel or e.g. to open links as a new tab.

Is this intended behavior or a bug? Or is there any way I can influence this behavior by configuration or some small workaround?

Your help is very much appreciated, thanks!

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Hi @Rilko,

Thanks for sharing this question!

I can’t seem to even replicate the effect on other pages that are not Streamlit. Can you do a screen recording of how it should look like when it works?


Hey @tonykip
thanks a lot for getting back to me on this.
I uploaded a screen recording here:

I hope it is clear, what I mean. It is a bit hard to showcase something “not working”, so I included examples where it works like expected.

Once I press middle mouse button on most web pages (e.g. the New York Times example) I get this little Icon that fixes in place and I can simply move the mouse up or down from that icon to easily scroll continuously very slow, or when moving further away from the icon quite fast but still continuously.

This does not work inside the app (example in my app) or within the dataframe (example in the issues tracker app).

Also middle mouse button when using it on hyperlinks is usually a shortcut for rightclick->open in new tab or instead of CTRL-clicking a hyperlink to achieve the same. But the middle mouseclick is not working at all.

Hope this helps to explain the issue.