Streamlit blocks asking for credentials

I’m trying to deploy a Streamlit app to Windows. I managed to set up all the environment and dependencies and get it start (for the details on how I deploy the app, refer to this question). But it immediately blocks asking for credentials.

This is the log:

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2021-10-11 20:56:53.202 WARNING streamlit.config:
Warning: the config option 'server.enableCORS=false' is not compatible with 'server.enableXsrfProtection=true'.
As a result, 'server.enableCORS' is being overridden to 'true'.

More information:
In order to protect against CSRF attacks, we send a cookie with each request.
To do so, we must specify allowable origins, which places a restriction on
cross-origin resource sharing.

If cross origin resource sharing is required, please disable server.enableXsrfProtection.
2021-10-11 20:56:53.202 DEBUG   streamlit.logger: Initialized tornado logs
2021-10-11 20:56:53.202 ERROR   streamlit.credentials:

It seems that the execution of the app is stopped becuase it is waiting for some credentials. I found here that a .streamlit/credentials.toml can be added, but I’m not sure on the exact location on windows. I’ve also tried to explicitly add --server.headless=false while launching streamlit, but again with no effect.

Why the app doesn’t start automatically like on Linux, showing the address where the app can be reached? Is there a way to start the app without additional configurations by the user?

Problem overcome, I mistakenly set to false the --server.headless configuration. Instead, it must be true. Another argument is required to make the deploy work properly: --global.developmentMode=false.

Full anwser here.