Can you avoid checking credentials.toml without using headless mode?

I am working on a streamlit app to be deployed on windows machines with a custom installer/executable. I see that streamlit prompts users for an email address the first time it is run, which it stores in a “~/.streamlit/credentials.toml” file. I would like to avoid this behavior so that the user can run the executable without further interactivity.

I’ve seen here (Streamlit blocks asking for credentials) that this behavior can be blocked by setting --server.headless true. However, this stops the app from automatically launching the client’s browser, which I need it to do.

It seems like my only option is to create a ~/.streamlit/credentials.toml file with a blank email on the user’s machine during installation. This wouldn’t be ideal - is there not a way to set the email through a command-line argument, or in the .streamlit/config.toml file located in the source directory?