Streamlit Cheatsheet Solution

I am beginner and I practiced the code of streamlit cheatsheet ( but some codes like mentioned below are not understood and couldn’t run

    • The code under “Placeholders, help, and options” heading
    • The code under “Connect to data sources” heading
    • The code under “Optimize performance” heading
    • The code under “Display progress and status” heading

Can anybody help me to solve to complete my solution file of streamlit-cheatsheet?

That code isn’t supposed to run as is, it is there to give you an idea of what functions you can use to perform different tasks. You need to adapt the code to your specific needs.

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Is it not possible to run these codes with supposed values?

Not sure I am understanding you. Something like element.text_input(...) won’t work because ... is not a valid parameter to text_input. You can call element.text_input with valid parameters instead and, if you do it right, it should work.

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