Streamlit click miss? error?bug?

Using Streamlets, you are implementing an administration dashboard.

However, as you can see in the picture, the buttons on the navigation are supposed to go to each page.

When you click date_management in the summary, you can see the date_management page better, but the navigation appears as if you selected another navigation, such as pointing to a chat or pointing to admin. I can see the contents of the clicked page, but the navigation is weird.
How do I solve this??

This happens when other features are implemented.For example, even if a data frame is viewed as st.write, it implements a button below it and presses the button to create a logic that st.write another data frame, but pressing the button suddenly disappears again. Alternatively, it returns to the previously performed value.

If this is not resolved, all projects created with streamlights should be moved to dash, etc.

To help address the navigation issue youโ€™re experiencing in your Streamlit app, these are some suggestions based on the information youโ€™ve provided.

  1. Ensure separate page components: Make sure each page in your administration dashboard is encapsulated as a separate component or function. This allows you to control the visibility and rendering of each page independently.
  2. Use a state variable to track the current page: Introduce a state variable to keep track of the currently selected page. You can use Streamlitโ€™s session_state or other techniques like storing the state in a global variable or using a reactive framework like

I hope your error gets resolved!

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