Streamlit Cloud Deployment stuck at "App is in the oven"

I worked on a little bit memory intensive stock application using Streamlit and it is working fine over the local system and even as a docker image. It does not give any build failures when processing on Streamlit Cloud but for some reason the application is stuck at “App is in the oven” and does not get deployed.

My Github repository link: GitHub - vgaurav3011/NIFTY-IT-Stocks-Prediction: Your one stop for a simple and interactive stock market predictor for the top stocks of NIFTY-IT!!
I read many forum posts and even changed and fine-tuned the requirements.txt file as per Streamlit, not able to figure out the problem need help urgently.

Hey @Vipul_Gaurav

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Streamlit recently upgraded to version 1.6 but in your requirements file, mentioned streamlit version is 1.5.1 so maybe that’s the issue.

Can you please try once making this change.


The app loads for me, but you have a dependency issue with nsepy: