Streamlit Cloud - Execute code


Is it possible to run code on the Streamlit Cloud?


Hi @VishalK

Do you have an example of what you call “run code”?


Hi Arnaud,

Just any python script.


Hi @VishalK,

Can you clarify your question? Have you checked out the Streamlit Community Cloud website?

Hi @Caroline

I work for a law firm and we take security very seriously. Right now streamlit is not in our whitelist of approved software/tools. I can’t install it on my machine. I’m wondering if I can develop and test my code on streamlit cloud.

Yes, I did check the streamlit Community Cloud website.


@VishalK If you’re asking about running non-streamlit code on Community Cloud, without it being part of a streamlit app, then the answer is no. You can only run streamlit apps on Community Cloud.

If you’re trying to run non-streamlit python code, you might try something like

If you’re asking whether you can run a streamlit app without having streamlit installed on your local machine, then yes you can. You just need a github repo with your app in it, and then you can run it on streamlit cloud.

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Thanks @blackary!

Is there any IDE on streamlit cloud that I can use to develop/test/debug my code?


No, there isn’t currently a cloud-based IDE hosted in Streamlit Cloud yet, though that’s something we’re thinking about. However, if you host your code on GitHub, you can use their built-in cloud-based version of Visual Studio Code by going to your repository and hitting the . key. This will direct you to a link like, which gives you an in-browser IDE.

It won’t actually run your code in the browser, but it has a nice editing experience that’s built-in to the browser.

Depending on what your app is doing, you might also be able to test it using stlite, by going to and putting your code in there. Note that some streamlit/python functionality isn’t available with stlite, but it should work for some apps.

Thanks a lot, appreciate it!