"Redirected you too many times" Error with new subdomain URL format and embedded=true


According to the new changes in the Streamlit URL formatting, any public Streamlit link can still be used in iframe by adding embedded=true as a parameter to the embedded URL. This works when there is only one parameter embedded=true is being added to the URL. However, with adding additional parameters to the URL like ?someparam=value&embedded=true will eventually lead to “… redirected you too many times” error.

Here is my example HTML page with iframe:

<iframe src="https://streamlit-example-app-ab-testing-streamlit-app-rmlvff.streamlitapp.com/?someparam=value&embedded=true" style="height: 100%; width:100%;">

Steps to produce the error:

  1. Leave the page open and visible for at least 5 minutes or more. (in the Network tab you can notice calls to ... api/v1/app/status every 2 seconds)
  2. Upon /api/v1/app/status or /api/v1/app/context returning any failure response, notice the page gets refreshed by redirecting the call through: https://share.streamlit.io/-/auth/app?redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fstreamlit-example-app-ab-testing-streamlit-app-rmlvff.streamlitapp.com%2F%3Fsomeparam%3Dvalue&embedded=true
  3. Next cals the https://streamlit-example-app-ab-testing-streamlit-app-rmlvff.streamlitapp.com/-/login?payload=…
  4. Finally, returns back to the Streamlit app link: https://streamlit-example-app-ab-testing-streamlit-app-rmlvff.streamlitapp.com/?someparam=value but with missing embedded=true.
  5. steps 2 to 4 keeps repeating in a loop.

Screenshot of the network tab:

It seems, only one parameter can be added to the Streamlit URL embedded in iframe.

Thank you!


I also have this problem


Me too!


Did you find out how to solve the problem?

Actually, adding to the new link ?embedded=true fixed the issue for a desktop version… but not for mobile(

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I think this issue is resolved already. Haven’t tested in mobile view

I am also having this issue. Works fine with ?embedded=true if I am viewing from a computer, but viewing from mobile it is a black screen.

I guess you also use IOS, right?

Yes, I was testing mobile access from an iphone

I created the separate question for this issue, seems it doesnt work only at ios Here is the discussion.