Streamlit color theme

Hello, I have an inquiry regarding the color of my Streamlit page. When I reload the Streamlit page after some time, the color reverts to the system settings, which are white and black. How can I ensure that it consistently maintains my custom color even after frequent reloads?

Hey @Fatemeh_Norouzi,
Thanks for sharing this question! Did you create a custom theme using a config.toml file? Does the theme always revert back after reloading the page or is it only happening after a certain amount of time has passed?

Hello @Caroline, I’ve configured a custom theme in a config.toml file. The issue occurs after random times.

Are you running your app locally or is it deployed somewhere (and if so, is it deployed on Community Cloud or another platform)?

This sounds like a bug, which I’d recommend reporting here so that our engineering team can triage it.

I run it locally. Thanks, Caroline, I will do it

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