How to set the theme of my webapp hosted by streamlit?

While I was editing the site, the colors/theme was working fine. It didn’t go back to the default configuration. But when I deployed, the site’s theme went back to default.

I tried to create a ./.streamlit/config.toml file in the GitHub repository and wrote



But ut still didn’t work.

How can I actually fix my site’s colors until after deploy?

My GitHub repository: GitHub - SiteWebApp/orbitas

Thanks for any help

I’ve had this problem for quite some time. If anyone can help me i would appreciate it.

:wave: Hi, @isa.rsn. I observed your repo and found that you have added config.toml file for 2 times.
One, which is inside the .streamlit/ folder and another in your repo.

Simply, remove this extra config.toml file from your repo & your app will run according to the theme you have provided inside .streamlit/config.toml file only.

Hope this helps! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile: I removed the extra config.toml file but the site still have the deafult colors :frowning:

Hi @isa.rsn :wave:

If you created the config.toml after deploying the app, you need to reboot the app for the custom theme to be picked up.