Streamlit Community Cloud - Add app gallery view to my site


I teach a course in Python and I use streamlit community cloud when students publish their projects (they love it and I love it)! When I post a link to their project on, say, LinkedIn, I get to see a beautiful app preview of their application. The same app previews appear on the streamlit galley page: App Gallery β€’ Streamlit

These previews seem to be auto-generated by streamlit community cloud and I would love to be able to host a gallery of student projects where these app previews are displayed on my own site. How can I do this?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

Hi @connorferster and welcome!

The previews are indeed automatically generated and are a β€œshare preview” the same as social media sites use to post link previews.

When I inspected the URLs of the preview images, it looks like they are based on app id strings, rather than the app URLs. So I believe there would be a little work to scrape them yourself. You can alternatively use an API or service that grabs previews for you. (Or post the links on a social site so you can harvest the preview images manually.)

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