Streamlit Component Svelte Template

Thanks to @andfanilo Named Entity Selection component, I discovered that Streamlit and Svelte (my favorite frontend framework) go well along.

I have no doubts that this is going to be my workflow to develop components. So I create a simple template to make it faster to start new components ideas. I share it here in case it can be useful for anyone.

Feedback, comments, and contributions are welcomed!


This is awesome @93degree :star_struck: I’m still discovering Svelte so will gladly use your template :slight_smile:

I think it deserves its own section on the Components Tracker as “template language” maybe. I have a Vue.js template on my side, what do you think ? I’ll let you edit the wiki to add a new section and your Svelte template there so other people can see it :wink:

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Fantastic meta-contribution…helping others release Components!

I submitted a PR against the components-template to create a community-section, hopefully we’ll see many more in the future!

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Thanks for this great welcome to the community :blush:
I think is a good idea to share different templates on the Components Tracker, not only for the template itself but since is a clear sign that you can easily use [your-favorite-technology] to create Components. Hopefully leading to more people releasing great Components!

Have added the section to the wiki (I had some initial issues since have still not got Trust Level 1). Feel free to modify it!

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I see you managed to do it :slight_smile: you need to be Trust Level 1 to be able to edit wikis, which comes after you spend some time on the forum !

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