Streamlit Component template in Vue.js


I’ve been playing with Vue.js again to build Streamlit Components, and huh… I managed to copy most of the React template into a Vue.js scoped slot. There are probably rough edges (I only tested it for 10 minutes…) but you should be able to install any Vue.js component into Streamlit with this, the same way you’d do with the React template (I integrated vue-echarts succesfully).

It’s still quite experimental, and Vue+TS generates a lot of warnings in the console…
I’m probably going to spin a branch to test Vue 3’s composition API + Typescript when I got some time, so codebase may move a lot in the coming weeks.

I’m interested if anybody is more of a Vue.js than React person to test it / has more experience with Vue than my rusty memories to provide feedback :slight_smile:




For those interested, I have upgraded this template to Vue 3 on another branch (which makes it much easier to setup Typescript + liking the Composition API :heavy_heart_exclamation:)

Removed the WIP status, I think it’s good enough now :wink: