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Hello guys,

I just created a way to attach keyboard shortcuts for your Streamlit buttons.

You can see it on Github

it’s easy to install through pip

Example usage:

import streamlit as st
from streamlit_shortcuts import add_keyboard_shortcuts

def delete_callback():

st.button("delete", on_click=delete_callback)

    'Ctrl+Shift+X': 'delete',

I noticed it was a recurrent problem and the solutions I found were incomplete, broken and often dirty.

So I hope you find this useful.


Hello thank you very much it’s super nice :slight_smile:
Ah yes, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have a look.

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streamlit-g2: A visualization grammar based on G2 for streamlit. GitHub , Demo


Hi all,
Added Streamlit Chunk File Uploader.


Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to create draggable buttons? How i can drag and drop a button? I know sac.buttons are really good, but i would love to have this function.


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I forgot to mention it here:

Streamlit PDF Viewer: A streamlit component to render and decorate PDF documents.

You can check it at work with our demo


If this post is inappropriate, please let me know and I will delete it immediately. Recently, there haven’t been any updates to the streamlit component gallery at all. Will the components registered here ever be featured in the component gallery? Despite being described as irregular, how often are updates made?

Hi @GracefulTabby,

That’s a question @Jessica_Smith may be able to answer :slight_smile:


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i cant see clearly, i cannot find a way to turn off dark mode in the discuss page

Click on your display photo on the top right > Profile > Preferences > Interface > Dark mode