Streamlit coockiecutter prototype

Hi everyone!

I made a cookiecutter that allows to create python projects with Streamlit and Poetry package maanger quickly. Poetry takes care of the package structure and virtual environments, it also leaves requirements.txt open for streamlit app own deploys.

To use the coockiecutter you provide project name and author name and e-mail, and the package with streamlit is created for you. I was following the ssg-dataset project structure, that was recently featured in the Streamlit newsletter.

Anyways, here is a link to the cookiecutter:

To try quickly:


Will appreciate the feedback


Hey @epogrebnyak !

Just peeked at the cookiecutter, looks great!

Not Streamlit related, I see it uses Just as a replacement of Make, which I did not know about and now absolutely need to test because Windows :smiley: did you make some complex command pipelines with it?

also don’t mind if I move your post to “Show the community” :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m actually on Windows and just works fine in a shell like cmder. It is cleaner than Make and allows to automate repeated tasks. just app for example is equivalent of poetry run python streamlit The list of just commands is found at justfile that you can furher customise:

Having said that just is purely for user convenience, you can simply ignore or delete it, the performance of coockiecutter is not affected.

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