Cookiecutter Streamlit Templates 🍪

I couldn’t find any generalized streamlit cookiecutters, so I decided to start one.

:octopus: Github Source

Templates so far:

  • hello_world: Basic app
  • cheat_sheet: Copy of kitchen sink / demo application from the Streamlit gallery
  • image_processing: App template for handling user image from URL / Webcam / File Upload. Example processing through YOLOv4-tiny

Optional additional features so far:

  • include streamlit config file generation for your project
  • include gitpod development file for your project
  • include heroku deployment files for your project

What kind of templates / project setups do you want to see?

Next steps for me are project niceties such as Makefile and dev requirements for linting / formatting / testing

Getting Started

  • Ensure you have python installed
  • Install the cookiecutter package
  • Run cookiecutter on the repo (might take time depending on internet speed)
  • You’ll have to press enter or type your own values to replace defaults for each option (more info in repo)

python -m pip install cookiecutter