Streamlit custom components for datetime range picker

streamlit-datetime-range-picker is a datetime range picker designed for use with Streamlit. It allows users to easily select a range of dates and times.
github: GitHub - imdreamer2018/streamlit-date-picker


Install the package using the following command:

pip install streamlit-datetime-range-picker


import streamlit as st
from streamlit_datetime_range_picker import datetime_range_picker

# Use datetime_range_picker to create a datetime range picker
datetime_string = datetime_range_picker(start=-30, end=0, unit='minutes', key='range_picker', 
                                        picker_button={'is_show': True, 'button_name': 'Refresh last 30min'})
if datetime_string is not None:
    start_datetime = datetime_string[0]
    end_datetime = datetime_string[1]


  • start: Default start time, type: int, default value: -30.
  • end: Default end time, type: int, default value: 0.
  • unit: Default time unit, type: str, options: milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years.
  • key: Picker key, default value: None.
  • picker_button: Refresh button configuration, type: {‘is_show’: bool, ‘button_name’: str}, default values: False and ‘Refresh last 30min’. When the button is clicked, it refreshes the selected time range.
  • The return value of datetime_range_picker is of type str.

Thanks @imdreamer2018 for creating this component, big kudos!

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Thanks @imdreamer2018 ! Would it be possible to only use the picker to select one date and time, and not a range? I don’t know if it is clear, but it would allow us to not use the st.date_input and st.time_input separately and simply use the calendar as it is in your picker.

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date picker feature has been implement in new version.


pip install streamlit-date-picker


import streamlit as st

from streamlit_date_picker import date_range_picker, PickerType, Unit, date_picker

st.title('Streamlit Date Picker')

# Use date_range_picker to create a datetime range picker
st.subheader('Date Range Picker')
date_range_string = date_range_picker(picker_type=PickerType.time.string_value,
                                      start=-30, end=0, unit=Unit.minutes.string_value,
                                      refresh_button={'is_show': True, 'button_name': 'Refresh last 30min',
                                                      'refresh_date': -30,
                                                      'unit': Unit.minutes.string_value})
if date_range_string is not None:
    start_datetime = date_range_string[0]
    end_datetime = date_range_string[1]
    st.write(f"Date Range Picker [{start_datetime}, {end_datetime}]")

st.subheader('Date Picker')
# Use date_picker to create a date picker
date_string = date_picker(picker_type=PickerType.time.string_value, value=0, unit=Unit.days.string_value,

if date_string is not None:
    st.write('Date Picker: ', date_string)

Thank you for the amazing widget!

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Hello again @imdreamer2018,

Is there a way to modify the end time to be different than now (or 0) when the refresh button is clicked?

Currently, with a refresh_date of -30 the refreshed_end_date would be 0 so the refresh period is only for 30min. I would like that when I click on the refresh button, the widget is reset to a 24h period starting from now, is it possible?

I tried to access and modify the different files directly but with no success

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Hi @Alexandre_Touzet ,
You can set refresh date and unit,refresh date to -1, unit to. days, like this:

date_range_string = date_range_picker(picker_type=PickerType.time.string_value,
                                      start=-1, end=0, unit=Unit.days.string_value,
                                      refresh_button={'is_show': True, 'button_name': 'Refresh last 1Days',
                                                      'refresh_date': -1,
                                                      'unit': Unit.days.string_value})
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Hi @imdreamer2018 ,

Thank you for your reply, but isn’t possible to set refresh_date to 0 and set the end 24h later? I do not consider events in the past in my application so refreshing to a past period isn’t really useful

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Hi @Alexandre_Touzet ,
You can set refresh date and unit,refresh date to 1, unit to days

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Thank you!!

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I can’t use it on python 3.8

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@imdreamer2018 the widget is usfull, but is there any option to use the preset as well?

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I will downgrade to python3.8 in next version.


@Girish Hi,
This components has default value for option. I don’t know “is there any option to use the preset as well?” could your please give me more detail?

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something link this! if we can have an option.


@Girish This is very nice suggest,I will spike the plan, maybe implement this feature in next version.


one another issue is that, the component is not getting overlapped with the other component while the datepicker is shown. instead it is creating a space between the the other component as show in the image for refrence. it will be great if u can fix it, which will probably help user experience.

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There is a bugg that causes the date-range components to flicker with the introduction of streamlit version 1.32.0. I managed to solve the issue by downgrading to streamlit 1.32.0.

Big props for the component tho!

A great component that is more flexible than the official component. When I first used it, I discovered the issue of component loop refresh. I checked the page structure code and found that it endlessly generated <style></style> style files until the browser crashed. :sob:
It would be great if this problem could be solved. :laughing:
Thank you.

Hi @imdreamer2018, if you can help with any update regarding the flicker issue for the latest streamlit versions.