Streamlit deployment - unable to fetch user details


I’m currently trying to deploy streamlit app in kubernetes setup. We have a portal where the user first logs in and then gets redirected to streamlit app. This setup is done with apache virtualhost config below.

If I dont include rewriterules in this config map, it gives me “please wait” message and the errors - websocket connection to “url/_stcore/stream” failed and websocket oneerror. I tried out almost everything that I found online to get the logged-in user email/access token or anything else from the request headers or cookies but nothing worked. I need these logged-in user details to further implement role-based access in my app. I’m also setting server.enableCORS=false, --server.enableWebsocketCompression=false and --server.enableXsrfProtection=false while running the app. Can anyone please guide here?

Thanks in advance!

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