Streamlit enterprise-grade professional application - is it possible?

Is it possible to create an enterprise level, professional application using streamlit?

So far I have prototyped using streamlit, it provides a visual way to develop my python code - enabling me to think about session-state, what button should do what, and things like that.

I want to know how far I can go using streamlit in developing a professional app - professional in the sense that I can sell it as a SaaS without looking “amateur-ish”.

Some things I am considering:

Fonts seem goofy.
Domain name without using some unreliable hacks.
Security of information.

are there any good examples that you could point me to? I know some that created a beta/prototype in streamlit and then moved out… but it is not what I want because I love the community.

imho is great

I’d like to say that yes it is possible. Have a look at my post below: