Windows executable from Streamlit

One reason that Excel, with its VBA, became such a resounding success, is because it provided any “non-programmer” to option to bypass the IT dept and all their cumbersome formalities, and build awesome programs of great benefit.

Streamlit has made it incredibly easy for a “non-programmer” to create awesome apps too. But a cause for concern is the deployment part, especially for apps processing confidential client data. Granted that Streamlit For Teams will debut in the near future, but that would need me to work with IT to set up of each app, I guess.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could right click on a Streamlit app and, just as we have an option to deploy an app, if we could have an option to make an app a Windows executable? The exe creation process could look into the main Python app file and compile all the required / used package dependencies, including associated images and icons, so that at the end of it, you are left with just two files: the Windows executable and the data file. These two files can be given to any team member who needs local / intranet access to your app. The data file can incrementally shared with all the stakeholders at the next creation / system download iteration.

I read about a few people attempting to convert a Streamlit app into an executable, but it is not an easy / understandable / straight-forward process to a “non-programmer”.

Just saying, wouldn’t it be nice…?

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Thanks for the suggestion @Shawn_Pereira!

I don’t think there’s any plan to addd that feature natively, yet I’ll suggest it to the Devs.


Thank you @Charly_Wargnier, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: