Use streamlit for consumer applications

I currently use streamlit and I have already created apps that work well on sql servers. I would like to make a management app for several schools and various users: teachers, parents of students, students, partners, … Should I make it with streamlit and python or another more suitable library. Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi @BadraSadia,

I don’t know what features you plan to provide or how complex you intend to make your ui. Since you have already written Streamlit apps, you could go ahead with your management app.

I have written big data apps with Streamlit, but there is a caveat: Streamlit is awesomely easy and you can quickly prototype an application; however, if you are a pro user, its limitations such as page reruns, lack of options to cosmetically describe your widgets (colours, fonts; basically, css), and lack of widgets (tree, menus, dialogs…) that are standard in other development applications, may be something you would have work around.

If you have concerns about data security, you will have to make provisions to host it someplace.