Streamlit Error : FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'java'

Dear Community Member, I am receiving the following error while deploying app

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘java’

My app repository is GitHub - MohanChemoinformaticsLab/Akt1_Pred

I think you have developed an python based application. Is it strange that how can get the error ‘No such file directory found named java’. Anyways it’s always helpful to send the error screenshot which you have received at the bottom left of the app!

Hi Guna thanks for the reply. Actually, the application calculates features of small molecules against gene AKT1 to predict their bioactivity. The application uses PaDEL software (java based software) to calculate molecular features which is highly required for bioactivity prediction. The application works fine in streamlit host.

Can u share your requirements.txt file? I need to know which python version have u been used for the local development? There may be chance with the python version issue, that’s why I’m asking the above question.

this error is likely related to some specific functionality or library within your app. Double-check the parts of your code that involve Java and make sure the necessary setup and configurations are in place.

Thanks for posting…

The real problem is with java.
You have to install java in your streamlit server, then you will be able to use the commands pf java.
It might be running well on your local because you have java installed there.

Yeh sure

Hi @ilovetensor I install java as well using default-jre in a packages.txt file

See here

Hi @Souvik_Sarkar thanks for replying. I checked but still I am not able to figure out. Can you please help me out

This is the app

The java software which I am using is also been placed in the github repository

I tried to deploy your app on my server, it is just working fine, please check …
my-deploy-link .
I think redeploying your app might work for you… you can try it.

hi @ilovetensor thanks for running. The link you published is working just fine.

I just reployed it here. Its working fine as well.


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