Streamlit for visuallisation of large GeoTiff files

Hi all,

I would need to visualise large geospatial datasets in GeoTiff format. Does streamlit work well with that? Does anyone have an example or tutorial that I could look at?

Many thanks

These can be displayed as a jpg, or do you need to keep the high resolution/file format?

Unfortunately jpg won’t do for me. I need to retain the high resolution file and format.

Sounds quite specialised. I would suggest also searching for examples where people have worked with medical imagery, which has similar specialised requirements

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Per StackOverflow, it sounds like TIFF files are not well supported in browsers:

I tried this in Chrome (5MB tif, guess it depends on what is “large”) and it didn’t render:

import streamlit as st

st.markdown("![Alt Text](")

I don’t have a Mac to test on for Safari, but if it’s going to work, I think this is how you would do it.


Hi Randy, thanks for the link. Yes, it seems there are some issues rendering the .tiff files.

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