Streamlit freezes

Hello everyone! There is an application written in Streamlit and deployed on a corporate server (windows server 2019, intel xeon, 38 Gb RAM, postgres database). Periodically, the application freezes – only part of the main page is displayed, the inscription “RUNNING” is displayed constantly in the upper right corner and then nothing happens. Only restarting the application on the server helps.
How can I try to find the reason? (Streamlit updated to 1.13, the same thing was observed on 1.08).

Hi @Yuriy_Gergaija,

Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to guess what the issue is without seeing the code or having some idea of what the app is doing. Can you share a minimum reproducible example?

Caroline, hi! Unfortunately, I can’t upload the code – the application is divided into several files and accesses the corporate database (I suspect that the problem may be in the database).
Does the framework have a logging mode or some other way of debagging? How can I see what happens to the application while it freezes? It is very strange that the application hangs only partially – that is, the loading of some functions goes fine, and then it does not want to load (until the application is restarted).