App turns white sometimes during usage

I’m running a app deployed on, on the most recent 1.30 streamlit release.
Sometimes when my app chugs on a def it will seem to just give up and turn white. Completely blanking out. This is not a server crash from running out of memory.

Has anyone experienced something similar, and how did you find/solve the issue? There’s not much thread to pull to troubleshoot for me.

Thank you,

Hey @eightm,

I’m not an expert on Render but I stumbled upon this somewhat similar thread in their forum – is it possible that you’ve deployed the app as a static site on Render?

Thanks for the help, but I don’t think that is my issue. It’s an intermittent issue and only happens when a certain part of the program is accessed.

Does this happen with other versions of Streamlit?

It has happened on at least 3 different major release versions of streamlit, including the current major release.

Hi @Caroline and @eightm
I am also facing the same issue my webapp show blank page sometime but there is no issues while running the code,

My streamlit version is 1.32.0