Streamlit Git Submodule Zip File Static Search and Forward

Streamlit ZIP Data Exploration App

This Streamlit app, available at, was developed as part of the meta-introspector/ project.


1. Git Submodule Integration

  • The app seamlessly integrates Git submodule functionality, allowing users to work with code repositories and submodules directly from within the Streamlit interface.

2. Reading ZIP Files from Submodule

  • Users can specify a Git submodule path and use this app to read ZIP files from within that submodule. This feature is useful for extracting data from submodules in Git repositories.

3. Data Search (Grep)

  • The app offers a search (grep) functionality, enabling users to search for specific data within the ZIP files. This feature is valuable for quickly locating information within large datasets.

4. Data Selection and Inference Engine Integration

  • Once users have identified the data they need, they can select and send it to an inference engine for further processing. This integration streamlines the process of analyzing and deriving insights from the extracted data.

How to Use

  1. Initialize and Update Submodule:

    • Use the provided buttons to initialize and update the specified Git submodule. This ensures that you are working with the most up-to-date submodule content.
  2. Read ZIP Files from Submodule:

    • Specify the path to the submodule you want to explore. The app will read ZIP files from this submodule.
  3. Data Search (Grep):

    • Enter a search query to locate specific data within the ZIP files. The app will display matching results.
  4. Data Selection and Processing:

    • Select the data you want to process further or send to the inference engine.


Repository and Contribution

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