Streamlit home sales dashboard with choropleth

Hello! I have been working on a dashboard showing home sales prices in the metro Atlanta area of Forsyth County. I’ve been wanting to show geospatial data both on a choropleth map and in a chart and came up with this dashboard. The map uses Pydeck and the chart uses Plotly.

I’m relatively new to Streamlit and would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have on the app! Thank you.


github: GitHub - arc-research-analytics/forsyth_housing_dashboard

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I really like this app! Great design - aesthetically pleasing and very functional for user. I thought the dynamic vertical lines on the chart matching the time range is clever and helpful. One suggestion to consider is making sales volume per capita - I noticed the census tract rankings don’t change much for that metric regardless of user selections and presumably thats just because sales volume is highly correlated with population/#units within the census tract. So a per capita metric might be more telling to the end user about which markets are hot and cold.

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