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I thought I would start this Topic on changes and updates to

You can watch this topic if you would like to know about new resources and apps added to the repo and site.

Check also the sister site out if you would like to contrast and compare


Kickstarter Dashboard Added

The idea was really to test some claims on Bokeh from the article bokeh-dash-best-dashboard-framework at the sister site that I’ve been playing around with.

But I thought I would include it here for comparison reasons.

It’s an example of Streamlit app where it would be nice to have interactivity between a parent and a child chart.So for example if you zoom on the parent, scatter plot it would be nice if the child, bar chart would update accordingly.


Great Marc, thanks for this!

this is really helpful and your project is looking really good


Choropleth Map Added

I’ved added an example of a Choropleth Map using data from Our World in Data. Take a look at their site. They have awesome looking charts and dashboards.

I was originally inspired by the article
Choropleth maps with geopandas, Bokeh and Panel by Damian Farrell

In the example I use Bokeh and geopandas to map the spatial data. With this combination you have full control over each polygon you color. Alternatives that also provide control over polygons are HoloViews, HvPlot.

But the dashboard would have been more simple to develop in Plotly or Altair as they have the polygons built in and there is thus no need for geopandas.

I’ve also upgraded to Streamlit v. 0.52.2.


Emoji App Added

Streamlit v. 0.52 supports emoji codes in Markdown :+1:. You can find the documentation here.

I’ve included an app in the Gallery at for reference.

It is based on the list at Web FX. I found out that Streamlit currently does not support all the emojis in that list. I’ve created the issue 895


File Uploader App Added

Streamlit v. 0.52 ships with a first version of a file uploader widget. You can find the
documentation here.

For reference I’ve implemented an example of file upload. It’s available in the gallery at

I experienced that the file uploader widget can be difficult to use if you allow you users to upload multiple types of files as it does not return any information on the name or type of file uploaded. I’ve posted a feature request Feature Request 896.


Multiple file upload app added

As an answer to Discuss 1445 I’ve added an example of uploading multiple files using the new file_uploader widget.

It was not easy for me to do and I could not get it working as nicely and simply as I wanted. So I’ve created Issue 897.

Image Classifier App Added

I’ve added an image classifier app that enables a user to

  • select a classifier model (in the sidebar),
  • upload an image (in the main area)

and get a predicted classification in return.

This app is inspired by the awesome imageNet
application developed by Atul Kumar Singh

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Custom Widget Hack - Login App Added

In this app I show how to create a custom login widget in Streamlit using some different hacks

  • A hidden st.text_box for transfering custom state like username and password between client and server
    • A small js/ React snippet for setting the value and triggering the keypress of the text_box
  • st.bokeh_chart for using custom html, css and javascript.


I see custom widgets as a way of enabling even more awesome analytics apps in Streamlit.

This hack could be generalized and wrapped into a more general api for creating custom widgets.

So in principle you should be able to get your frontend developer to create custom widgets for clicks on tables, plots and Javascript libraries like Amphion Robotics

Some time in the future the Streamlit developers would develop a secure and robust api for custom widgets making the need for this type of hack obsolete. See for example Issue 428

Use this at your own risk!


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Notebook Style App added

I’ve added an app showcasing @dchudz brilliant code for writing a notebook style app to the gallery at

See his


great example, thanks for sharing!


YahooQuery app added

@dpguthrie just contributed the YahooQuery app to the gallery at

It showcases the power of his awesome yahooquery package.

I think this is a type of app we will see more of in the future. An app which showcases the power of a python package. Just because now its easy to create and it’s so engaging, informative and fun.

Thanks Douglas.

Keep in touch.


Global Power Plant Database App added

I’ve upgraded successfully to v. 0.53 and added a new app to try out the new st.pydeck_chart functionality.

Unfortunately I cannot get st.pydeck_chart to support tooltips and I also experience other issues. See


App Template Generator contributed

R-fred has contributed some awesome code for an App Template Generator.

The purpose is to be able to quickly generate a multi page app template similar to the template for

The generator is off course powered by Streamlit.

Right now I think it needs a few more ideas and thoughts.

You can join the discussion here

The user configures his new app

And the relevant folders and files is created. Then he can start implementing the app.

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Awesome Data Explorer Contributed by Ali Cirik

Ali has developed the Awesome Data Explorer app and contributed it to the gallery.


It would be nice if the Altair plot was full width, responsive. I just forgot how it’s done.

Feel free to like or retweet this tweet if you think the app or is awesome