Streamlit homepage URL

I am trying to automatically set the starting URL when opening the app to “https://app/home” instead of “https://app”. This is necessary as I am trying to set different permissions for users through cloudflare. Unfortunately, I cannot do this without a homepage URL. I am trying to implement this in streamlit but with no luck, any help would be useful.

I believe that this was something that could have been implemented with streamlit.server.server and streamlit.server.routing. Since these are not available anymore, is there a different way of implementing this?

try this,
import streamlit as st
from flask import Flask, redirect, url_for

Create a Flask app

app_flask = Flask(name)

Define the Streamlit app

def redirect_to_home():
return redirect(url_for(“home”))

def home():
st.title(“Welcome to the Homepage”)
# Add your app logic here

Run the Flask app

if name == “main”:

and use this command in cmd - streamlit run --server.headless true

Unfortunately running it with Flask is not an option, but I thank you for your input.

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