Streamlit not working well on mobile

Hi, I made a simple program that takes several photos of teeth and compares them.

My problem is that it works fine on desktop but not on mobile and when I exit google chrome for a few seconds or go to another app the app freezes and restarts.
This is the message I get after a few seconds after exiting Chrome.

Hi @HamidrBd

Have you tried updating the Chrome version on your mobile? Or have you tried on multiple mobile devices.

I am testing your app on my iPhone and switching out of Chrome and then back in, playing the video (brings a full screen and then exiting the video to get back to the app), and switching to the 3 pages (Home, About Us and profile) multiple times; and the app is still intact and running smoothly.

Yes, I have tried it on several mobile phones as well as Firefox.
streamlit gif

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