Streamlit OKTA Verification

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had any experience or knew whether it were possible to secure a self-hosted streamlit application behind OKTA SAML authentication (on AWS specifically).

I’m really interested in exploring Streamlit as a new tool for use where I work (really want to escape Tableau :sweat_smile: ) but haven’t been able to find any examples or documentation online for how to do this bar a few old dead links.

Appreciate any help here! Many thanks!

Hey @james9226,

Unfortunately, there isn’t an out-of-the-box Okta integration. I think the best route would probably be to set up an Okta tile specifically for the app, which then redirects users to the app once they’ve been authenticated. If you can share more details on the hosting setup, we might be able to make more helpful suggestions.

You can use Streamlit User and API Authentication with Auth0 Next.js SDK. Configure the Auth0 connection (using Auth0’s management console) to federate with OKTA’s IdP.