Streamlit Page Shake

Hi Streamlit,
The dataframe in my page shook a lot when loading and I cannot make any changes to the data editor. And after several seconds, the page even crashed. Does anyone know why it happened and how to fix it?

Can you share the error screenshot for solving the problem?

Hi Guna,
Thanks for your resposne! The issue is just like below: 2023-05-31 11-56-22 - Trim

Im asking to share the screenshot of the mange apps logs!

Could you share a small reproducible code snippet which demonstrates this issue?

Hi hongxu_hao,
please explain you issue clearly and more detail. also provide the code snippet(Not the whole code) and screenshot of the shell where the app is running.

Please donโ€™t ask for screenshots of text. See why in this SO answer. Most of the rationale aplies here too.

Thanks @Goyo. Really my intention is to solve the error by seeing from the screenshot. Anyways I have learnt a good lesson today. :blush:

Hi Blackary,
This issue appears when I adjust my screen resolution to 150%, but when I changed to 100%, It disappeared. Do you know the reason?

No, sorry :frowning: I donโ€™t. If you have a small reproducible code snippet which shows this at certain resolutions, that might help in debugging the issue.

I second this post. I have the same issue with twitching data_editors at precisely 150% scaling.
I will try to reproduce it with a snippet and provide you with a link,

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