Streamlit Parade

Hey community, I did this pretty simple app to showcase some cool apps from awesome users. To my surprise it was very well accepted on twitter :grin: (

Here is the link:

So I would like to know two things from you:

1) Would you like to share your favorite web app so I can add it to the list.
2) What do you think it would be done in order to improve this app?

As I said, currently is pretty simple, but I think it has potential to bost visibility for the awesome creations from all of you!! (well at least that is my hope :upside_down_face:)

Btw, here is the current list of apps:



Did you notice you got a double burgermenu?
I wish the searchbar would be more informative since idk what im clicking.

Those are just little things but Streamlit Parade is looking good and working well, good work!

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Good point! I can try to get rid of the hamburger in this app.
I’m not sure how to make it more informative without losing simplicity. I have to think about that a bit.
Thanks for your kind words!!

You can add this Depth Estimation app I have worked on :Depth Estimation App - a Hugging Face Space by Pavankunchala

And also the Virtual makeup app:

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Right!, I certainly had in mind your makeup app, but I just missed, thanks!
The app in hugging Face is also so cool, but I need to see if it could be deployed, I’m not sure. Don’t you have it on share??
Anyway, Thanks!! Great suggestions.

Yeah, it doesn’t work with Hugging Face :thinking: