Streamlit is awesome

Streamlit is already awesome and I’m pretty sure it will get even more awesome: awesome-streamlit

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Hey @fkromer, thank you for the kind words :blush: and welcome to the community! The repository looks great :+1: .

Hi fkromer

Awesome! I can see we have been having the same thoughts :slight_smile:

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Hi Marc,

cool. I’d propose to merge my repo into yours. I’ll create PRs to get your project “awesome list compatible” which will allow to add the repo to the main awesome list.


Hi again fkromer

Great idea. Let me know if there is anything I should do to help.


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Nice page. However you could get a hard time to get the project added to sindresorhus/awesome. I’ve managed to get some projects added but the maintainer is kind of strict w.r.t. compatibility. I’ve created a few PRs to make it more compatible. :wink:


Hi @fkromer

Thanks. I did not know that list. Would I be requesting for the to be added to the list or ?

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Hey @Marc and @fkromer, this is really cool. I’m watching this channel closely to see what happens :blush: . Let me know if you need any help!

Hi @tc1 and others

Thanks for the positive feedback :+1:

Everybody is welcome to help with a one time contribution or becoming a core maintainer. In the future I guess it will mostly be about keeping the resource and app gallery updated.

Right now I could need help to solve