Hi all,
I would like to announce that we have released the first version of the streamlit-pdf-viewer. A component to show PDF documents in streamlit.
This component unwraps and shows PDF documents in streamlit and decorates them with annotations.

We are still actively working on it, and we welcome any help such as suggestions, comments, testers and developers :slight_smile:

Github: GitHub - lfoppiano/streamlit-pdf-viewer: Streamlit PDF viewer
Demo application:
Pypi: streamlit-pdf-viewer · PyPI


Is there a way to set the width of the displayed pdf to 100%. Something like this?

pdf_viewer(input=binary_data, width="100%", height=1000)

Also it would be useful if you show how to format the annotations in the readme. Like a short example. It is stated that it is a list of dictionaries but what should the dictionary look like.

@Odrec thanks. Indeed the annotations are not documented… sorry about that.

The width is tricky because the components are opened in an iframe, and we haven’t figured out how to get its sizes… but we are working on it.

I opened the two requests in the project’s Github: Issues · lfoppiano/streamlit-pdf-viewer · GitHub

Feel free to open up more issues.