Streamlit Q&A Personalized Learning Platform

Use Streamlit to create a learning platform :books: A preview of questions clustered by topic is available in the public area. In the private area (Google Firebase user authentication :closed_lock_with_key:) the learning experience is personalized. The questions and answers can be easily managed by the administrator in Google Sheets :floppy_disk: and are connected to the Streamlit app :streamlit:


Have a look and try out the public facing and personalized sites of the Streamlit app. To enter the personalized area create an user account and manage your individual content.

Medical questions are presented in this use case. The questions have been collected from a web forum of exam protocols. The data was processed on the Kaggle platform translating them into English language, using a Large-Language Model to extract the questions, clustering with k-Means and adding LLM-generated answers that have been curated manually (human-in-the-loop). Use the application for your question and answer collection.

Thanks to Streamlit and the Streamlit Community :raised_hands:

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