Streamlit re-runs twice?

Hi, my Streamlit app re-runs twice ? every time i upload a file also if i choose an option to run like filter, slider etc. or im incorrect ?
I have US map - it loads with KPI and then it fades a bit and back again .
with start and end time - i see its like running twice ?
same time give a take , only small fraction of the difference.
Lets say took 6.58s to load , then again shows like 6.38s .
Looking at the debugger = shows me rerun_script few times.
What does it mean ?
Or im completelly wrong and its normal behavior to see when 20k+ rows and 20+ column csv file upload happens
Thank You.
Streamlit Version: 1.27.2
OS: Arch Linux

Can you share your code? A single run can create the effect of elements fading then solidifying (they fade while running as Streamlit is calculating what changed). Each interaction causes a rerun. If a single interaction causes the app to fade-solidify-fade-solidify, then there may be a rerun command in the code.

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Thank You. Indeed it was a cause for re-loading as i had geojson file inside separate folder and once i change its location - no more re-runs.

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